March 22, 2021

Adult Toy Boom!

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The global adult toy market is estimated to reach a staggering USD $36.1 billion by the end of 2027 and much of this growth is female-led.

One local company experiencing a spurt in sales is who opened their first store in Melbourne 21 years ago. Female adult toys are their fastest growing retail sector and single women are the leading contributors to this market.

So what are the big selling products? How has the industry changed over the past 21 years? What pop star loved one adult toy range so much she launched her own collaboration with them? Get it all in this fun filled episode!

Joining Byron Cooke for this episode : Rebecca Grech, Sexyland Australia, and from the recent "Valentines Day Survival Guide" episode, Hannah Furst of the Beauty IQ Uncensored podcast.



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