Dec. 1, 2021

Ageism In The Workplace

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In recent years we have (rightfully) seen the business world respond to issues of gender, race and sexual harassment. So where is the focus on workplace discrimination based on age? Ageism is rife and deserves further attention.

In a recent survey by the Australian Human Rights Commission, over 30% of respondents said their organisation was reluctant or unwilling to hire ANYONE aged over 50. 

The ageism problem is amplified further across the creative industries of advertising, music and media. Regarded as a "young person's game", many as young as 40 face blatant discrimination on the basis of their age.

Joining Byron Cooke for this episode - One of Australia's most revered music photographers Michelle Grace Hunder [famously started her professional journey well into her 30's] and leading media and advertising recruiter Julie Anne Longano.

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