Sept. 12, 2022

Dr Sarah Rav : Being Compassionate To Yourself

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Dr Sarah Rav’s advocacy for health and wellbeing comes from her own hard-won wisdom about the importance of self-care, with her fight to overcome an eating disorder translating into an informed rethinking of the way she positions herself online.

At a time when Instagram feeds were full of picture perfect people, Sarah adopted a ground breaking policy of transparency, speaking openly about her anorexia diagnosis and the steps she was taking to manage her recovery.

A Melbourne based medical professional and social media influencer, Sarah now advocates for a healthy lifestyle, raising awareness around mental health & teaching her 1.5 million followers how to be productive/efficient.

What can we learn from Sarah's journey? In a podcast community looking to be better and push hard toward achieving goals, what are the dangers of pushing yourself too hard? 

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