April 11, 2022

Finding Your Deeper Purpose with guest Annabelle Chauncy

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How many of us could honestly say we know exactly what our deeper purpose in life is? How might you start to go about making a real difference within a community?

They are heavy questions, but the answers needn't be overwhelming. This week's guest Annabelle Chauncy is the Founding Director and CEO of School For Life. She is driven every day by her belief that every child, no matter where he/she is born, deserves a right to education. 

Her foundation is a not-for-profit organisation working in rural Uganda. By building schools, they empower communities to help themselves and create their own opportunities.

Over 1000 students are now enrolled across 3 schools, with 114 local Ugandans employed as management, cooks, cleaners, teachers, security, construction and support staff in those schools.

For all of the achievements of the foundation, Annabelle believes we can all make a difference in our own way. This needn't be on a scale like School For Life and can start with the simple act of a bit of volunteer work.

Prepare to get inspired in this episode with lessons and perspectives from this amazing social entrepreneur!

For more info on School For Life and to support their work, go to www.schoolforlife.org.au

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