June 21, 2021

Geva Mentor and Mason Cox : An Aussie Travel Guide!

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Pre-Covid, many Aussies planning an extended trip away might have looked to the European summer, that dream Bali villa, or a road trip across the USA.

Doing something in our own backyard didn't always spring to mind - especially the idea of a longer epic Aussie adventure.

With holiday choices right now still limited to within Australia, who better to help us plan a big local trip ....than a Brit and a Texan who've seen more of our own country than we have!

Sharing their travel diary from an awesome recent 6 week trip across regional Australia they took together, English Netball / Suncorp Super Netball League star Geva Mentor and Texan college basketballer turned professional Australian Rules footballer Mason Cox join Byron to share their tips!

You'll get some cool ideas for Aussie holidays you can book right now and learn about their  visits to a number of remote indigenous communities across Australia.


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