Oct. 10, 2021

Hey Hey - You Snubbed Kamahl!?

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Kamahl is an Australian entertainment industry icon who has been in the music  business for over 50 years. He has recorded over 30 albums, earned over 100 gold and platinum records, and headlined iconic live venues from The Sydney Opera House to New York's Carnegie Hall.

To further boost his national profile, Kamahl was a regular guest on the long running TV variety show "Hey Hey It's Saturday". In behaviour that was normalised at the time, Kamahl was regularly subjected to jokes about his skin colour. There were black face segments impersonating him, and the most infamous moment in 1984 -  Kamahl's face was covered with white powder in the middle of a live performance.

Despite this and many other deeply regrettable incidents, producers of a 50 year reunion of the show to air on network television tonight have snubbed Kamahl. He will make no appearance on the program and his request to be involved was ignored.

On this episode, Kamahl opens up about the incidents - and drops more bombshells. We also get the chance to enjoy some of the awesome stories that Hey Hey It's Saturday never let him tell.

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