July 4, 2021

"I Love Being Disabled"

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Peta Hooke is a thirty-something single woman living in Melbourne. What makes her different? Peta has Cerebral Palsy - a lifelong disability she has had since birth. Peta loves her life.. and she doesn't feel like many people actually believe her when she says that!

Peta hosts the "I Can't Stand Podcast". Every week she answers a question about what it's like to live with a disability. 

In this episode, Peta answers every question sent to the Byron Cooke Show. She is a completely open book. Unless you live with a disability, there is little opportunity for you to understand the realities. In this episode, and on her own podcast, Peta aims to make misunderstanding disability a thing of the past.

Check out Peta's podcast here : I Can't Stand Podcast


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