May 12, 2022

Ibby Akbar's Top 5 Election Issues

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Melbourne’s own character comedian and social media sensation, Ibby Akbar is returning to the stage for a very special encore performance on Thursday, 26 May at the Palais Theatre presented by The Hour Group!

Ibby has created a cult following with over 200k fans and boasts over 50M views across his social media platforms, He recently took Australia by storm with his debut live comedy show ‘I Am’ selling out 10 capital city shows around the country.

With the election approaching, how would Ibby go about getting your vote? Listen to this episode and discover his "Top 5 Election Issues" with Byron and Perri Lee.

Ibby is returning to the stage in his beloved hometown for a final encore performance with all proceeds from the show being donated to the MoyaMoya Charity. The charity is very close to Ibby’s heart, his sister has been personally affected by the MoyaMoya disease.

Please join The Byron Cooke Show team at this show - we will all be going!

Get your tickets at

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