Feb. 15, 2022

Is It Really That Cool To Vape?

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Vaping [the use of E-Cigarettes] has been classified as a “safer” alternative to smoking. 

With its increasing popularity among adolescents and young adults, this growing problem is playing out in school yards all over Australia. A number of shocking stories are shared by an anonymous high school teacher at a Victorian secondary school. We also hear from a Grade 8 student [also anonymous]

Perri Lee (a.k.a Naomi the respiratory pharmacist) hits us with some with facts and statistics around vaping and nicotine dependency. 

Is it really that cool to vape?

Disclaimer: this episode assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy of health information provided. Therefore, you are not entitled to rely upon any information presented in this podcast as consulting advice or for the purposes of informing any decision related to your healthcare needs.

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