Aug. 17, 2021

Is It Time To Rethink Your Career?

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In difficult times, there is opportunity.

When the first lockdowns hit in Melbourne last year, Danny Grant went from big time nightclub promoter to stacking potatoes at the markets - literally overnight.

With his money tied up in hospitality events that would never come to fruition, he also took a part time gig at a bottle shop. At one point, income from three of his part time jobs was being put almost exclusivity towards rent at clubs that weren't even open.

Amazingly, an idea Danny had while working with mate's at the bottlo has transformed into a booming pre-mixed liquor business with distribution at over 1,000 bottle shops nationally.

There are countless examples of people turning the difficult reality of recent times into a positive. This episode focuses on how these people have gone about it, and offers inspiration to anyone considering a change.

Joining Byron for this episode : Julie Anne Longano, Executive Director of recruitment firm Peeps Consultingand Danny Grant, Co-Founder / Managing Director of Wet Pussy Shot

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