Aug. 24, 2021

Less Fear. More Facts.

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So many of us are feeling overwhelmed right now. The fearmongering news content. The endless angry social media exchanges. There has never been a more important time to seek out information sources that can provide clear, unbiased information.

With so much anxiety around Covid, we need genuine evidence-based hope for a future beyond the crisis. Thankfully, it is available.

Joining Byron Cooke for this episode : Anthony Macali, Founder of

A Business Intelligence and Reporting manager, Anthony created the site and donates his time to keep people informed using the power of data. By simply presenting the facts, the site has built up a massive following amongst those seeking comprehensive information without the political spin and division.

Also on the show is KIIS FM Sydney newsreader Brooklyn Ross. Presenting news on Sydney's Number 1 Breakfast Show "The Kyle and Jackie O Show", Brooklyn has called out many of his mainstream media colleagues for their sensationalist approach.

His IGTV Videos on Instagram state "Our Covid news isn't as depressing as you think". They are going viral by presenting information in a calm, reasoned style.

Contributing to the episode is Gotcha 4 Life founder Gus Worland. The not for profit foundation delivers programs that engage, educate and empower by building mental fitness, creating meaningful mateship, emotional muscle and social connection in communities to end suicide. Gus has called for political leaders and the media to offer hope and change their tone.

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