April 11, 2021

Man up & Speak up

Men are encouraged to show strength and many find it difficult to open up when they are struggling. So how should a man behave when his child is diagnosed with cancer?

Research from www.redkite.org.au has revealed that men are less likely to ask for Redkite's cancer support services than women. Redkite's Dad Connect Groups provide a great example of how important it is for men to speak up in times of hardship.

Joining Byron Cooke live for this episode - Jonathon Coles, Senior Social Worker, Redkite Community Based Support. Peter Morris, who's son Benjamin was diagnosed with cancer in January 2018. 

Also contributing to this episode are Gus Worland, Founder of www.gotcha4life.org.au and Josh Kennedy, co-captain of Sydney Swans [proud Redkite partner]

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