Feb. 28, 2021

National Be Kind Day 2021 - Standing Up To The Bullies

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Ali Halkic, lost his son Allem on 5 February 2009 as a result of cyber bullying.

Allem Halkic was a 17 year old from Melbourne who tragically fell victim to persistent and callous bullying. Ali has since worked tirelessly to educate Australians about the dangers of bullying and cyber bullying.

To mark National Be Kind Day 2021, Byron presents a special episode alongside Ali in honour of Allem.

Hateful comments online are increasing. 2-3 young people EVERY week are ending their lives due to bullying. The key focus of the episode is the opportunity to create meaningful change by creating even closer ties between Bully Zero and schools across Australia..

Also featuring on this episode - Kind Is Cool Ambassador Bonnie Anderson, Bully Zero Ambassadors Preeti Daga, Bianca Braun, Lucia Hou, Puneet Gulati, Gary Lee, James Liotta and Sonya Karras, Leading Teams facilitator and director Brendan Maher, AFLW Player and Pro Boxer Tayla Harris.

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