Sept. 21, 2021

No Jab, No Job?

September 21st, 2021 will be remembered for a long time in Melbourne. For all the controversy and emotion around protests from the city's construction workers, the actual topic is a very valid one to have a discussion about.

Mandatory vaccination - should someone be forced to get the COVID-19 Vaccine as a strict condition of their employment?

Andrew Brookes is a Senior Lawyer from the Employment team at Law Squared.

In this episode Andrew speaks to the employer side with regard to current employment law around this topic.

Law Squared have a bunch of FREE resources available on their website around Vaccination Policies for businesses which you can check out at

Speaking on behalf of employee rights is Jason Xue, a lawyer at McDonald Murhome

His firm is well-known for its employment law expertise, acting for employees.  As part of Victorian Law Week earlier in the year, Jason ran a webinar titled ‘No jab, no job’. It focused on some of the potential implications of the COVID-19 vaccine on employee rights, including whether an employer can mandate vaccination as requirement of the job.

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