July 25, 2021

Physically Apart But Close As Ever

What's it like to be separated from your loved ones during a pandemic? For the countless Australians facing that situation due to border closures and strict travel restrictions, this situation has become a reality. For those with close family abroad, it's already been 18 months - with no obvious end in sight.

How do you stay positive? How can you make it work and keep these relationships thriving virtually?

In a very personal episode, Melbourne based Byron is joined by Zephyr - his 13 year old son in the USA. They haven't been together physically since spending a weekend together in Los Angeles back in February 2020, but feel as closely connected as ever.

For anyone interested in what it's like [or who actually needs some help themselves in this situation] this episode offers all sorts of ideas and stories for how they've kept their father / son relationship strong.

Zephyr also talks about his massive two year global travel adventure with his Mom. While it was cut short by the pandemic, it gave him a huge head start on the process of remote home schooling. You'll also hear a live Q & A from listeners inside the episode, and even take a musical journey through Zephyr's current Spotify playlist that he shares with his Dad.

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