Great show

Always a great listen. Brings a lot of positivity and great energy to the show and gets you hooked from start to end

From Radio God to Podcast Prince

Absolutely love with a capital L the Byron Cooke Show. From Radio God with the Fox to going solo with a show that discusses diverse topics without a hidden agenda. The podcast prince is willing to tackle both sides of the argument in his engaging, show stopper style ! I finally think that Australia has its very own Parkinson in this guy. Should be the start of what can only become bigger and bigger !!! Rock on Podcast Prince ! #legend #radiogod #soloact #mrprimetime

Great listen

Great show with meaty topics. Byron’s great and really strong selection of guests.


Finally a show that is topical with both sides of the fence, opinions that are not being judged.... Honest and engaging poddy... It’s a yes from me.. @marcuskellett