Feb. 12, 2021

Melbourne's reaction to Dan Andrew's snap lockdown

A five-day snap lockdown called for a snap episode of the Byron Cooke Show.

With Victoria now in a five-day stage four lockdown, a massive majority of Byron Cooke Show listeners support the move to cancel international flights into Melbourne [results via show instagram poll with 88% in favour]

With frustrations increasing, sympathy for Aussies stranded overseas appears to be waning. Byron is joined live by French based Aussie expat Carlie Bonavia, host of the Expat Focus podcast. Carlie is surprised and hurt by the attitudes of her fellow Aussies.

Other guests on the episode : Anthony Macali, Data and Reporting Analyst / Founder of Covidlive.com.au, Vinnie Diaco, Owner of Rebel Blue Restaurant, Wade Lees, former punter for UCLA Football Los Angeles CA and Lucette Brown General Manager of Going Gourmet.

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