May 28, 2021

Social media sensation Ibby Akbar

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Eight years ago, Ibby Akbar decided to post a few videos on Facebook to entertain his family and friends. What started out as a bit of fun pretty quickly became something much bigger. Now having built up over 200K followers across his social media networks, Ibby is about to realise a childhood dream.

In August he will perform to sold out theatres in Melbourne and Sydney on his very first Australian tour "I Am Ibby Akbar".

At a time when people [at least in Victoria] really need a good news story, this episode comes at the perfect time. There are plenty of laughs as well which definitely doesn't hurt.

From stories of growing up in an ethnic family, to relationships, to poking fun at society in general, Ibby opens up to Byron about his process and personal beliefs.

For all the details on seeing Ibby Akbar on the "I Am" debut Australian tour click here



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