June 12, 2022

Taking The Leap Into Home Education

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Most students [and parents] had their first experience with online learning during the pandemic. For varying reasons, many thrived ...while others struggled.

In a post-covid world where traditional "bricks and mortar" schools are back open, would you consider taking the leap into home education permanently? 

What options are available in Australia? What is the experience really like for students? Where do you even start the process of working out how to start?

These and many more questions are answered in this episode as Byron and Perri Lee host a discussion with Home Education Association President Karen Chegwidden.

Also joining the panel are Byron's son Zephyr [who has been home schooled for the past four years] and his Mom Crissy [Zephyr's online coach for those years]

To Learn More About Home Education Options in Australia Click Here


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