June 27, 2021

Aus Music Industry's #MeToo Moment?

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The recent departures of several high profile Australian music industry figures has brought the issue of it's potentially toxic culture into the spotlight.

With an increasing number of music industry participants using their voices on social media pages such as Beneath The Glass Ceiling,coverage of issues around power imbalance continue to build momentum.

If there is a toxic culture in the Australian music industry, why have so many people within the industry remained silent? How do you go about solving the cultural problems across the industry? Could we be at the dawn of a #MeToo movement across the entire Australian music and entertainment industry?

Joining Byron Cooke for this episode : Vivienne Kelly, Editor of https://themusicnetwork.com/ and Tim Ferguson, Director of https://www.leadingteams.net.au/

[Jaguar Jonze audio in episode intro courtesy of Network Ten's "The Project"]

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