Aug. 10, 2021

The Troll Toll - Bouncing Back And Beating The Cyber Bullies

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Surely the world reached it's peak "online troll moment" at the recent summer games in Tokyo. It can't get worse. Global superstar gymnast Simone Biles withdraws in the middle of competition due to mental health issues - largely resulting from online abuse.

In this episode of The Byron Cooke Show, we focus on the positive steps being taken to tackle this massive issue - from athletes to the school yard.

In Australia, the Online Safety Bill 2021 establishes schemes to protect cyber abuse victims by forcing social media companies, internet and hosting providers to remove harmful material within 24 hours. It is expected to take effect in early 2022.

The world of innovative tech is also coming to the party. Joining Byron for this episode is Matt Von der Muhll of Respondology,a company that decided it was time to do something about the hate and damage produced by people hiding behind the anonymity of social media.

Providing the athletes perspective is Olympian Georgie Parker, a former Hockeyroo and member of the Channel 7 commentary team.


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