Oct. 5, 2021

Back To Live - Supporting the Aussie Music Industry

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Tones & I joins Byron Cooke for a special episode in support of the Australian Live Music Industry.

With COVID shutting down global touring for the majority of 2020/21, Australia is still suffering major disruptions due to Lockdowns, Border Closures and density restrictions.

Back To Live is also the title of one of 2 short films commissioned by Ticketmaster. It takes a broader look at the industry, focusing on the importance of live music to artists and the fans that support them. 

Joining Tones & I and Byron for this episode - Roger Field, CEO of Live Nation Australasia and Vivienne Kelly, Editor of The Music Network


The most effective way to support our live music scene is to get in touch with your local MP and explain why you feel it's vitally important that live music be supported in your area. If you know someone in the industry who is struggling, highlight their story. Same for a local venue. Let them know that you are a voter and this matters to you.

Find Your Federal MP HERE

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