Nov. 15, 2022

Byron & His Ex-Wife Crissy : 5 Tips For Successful Co-Parenting

In this deeply personal episode, Byron and his son's Mom Crissy openly discuss their divorce and give their top five tips for successful co-parenting.

Holidays can be a very challenging time for divorced couples with kids. This Christmas, Byron and his American ex-wife Crissy will be travelling together through Europe with their son Zephyr. How have they managed to work on their relationship to a point where they can enjoy these sorts of experiences? 

While no two situations are the same, the tips offered in this episode can hopefully help some people in similar situations reach happier outcomes.

With Byron primarily based in Melbourne Australia, Crissy and Zephyr have spent recent years travelling the world on a budget. As Zephyr is schooled remotely, they have covered over 40 countries and over 120 cities!

These adventures are documented on both instagram and their "Single Mom Budget Travel" podcast.

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