March 28, 2021

Stars vs Journalists

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In this age of clickbait, journalists that push the most provocative and extreme content are standing out. If winning the ratings means offending a high profile person at the centre of a story - so be it.

With controversial opinions out-rating straight factual news content, many journalists are now quite openly smashing their star subjects regardless of accuracy or fairness.

Former Melbourne Storm NRL Star Sandor Earl has had enough and wants the worst offenders in Rugby League journalism to be silenced. In his opinion, sports journalists like Danny Weidler, Paul Kent and James Hooper are bringing the game into disrepute. 

Where should the line be drawn? How can stars defend themselves? Could we see a power shift away from journalists and mass media? What might it look like?

Joining Byron Cooke for this episode : Ethan Bearman, Analyst from Fox News and owner of in Los Angeles CA. Sandor Earl, former professional Rugby League player.


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