Podcasting From Inside A Mortuary

Feb. 28, 2022

You won't hear many conversations about funerals in the mainstream. So when a leading industry figure approached this podcast asking us to cover the topic, we decided to go for it. In this episode, Byron spends the day insid…

Bonus Episode - Needy Jack Seeks Comfort

Feb. 24, 2022

Producer "Needy Jack" lives up to his name, posing a typically needy question to Byron and Perri Lee. All is resolved when Byron and Jack discover a unique and special bond. Also in this bonus episode, Perri Lee reveals some…

Byron's Consultation With Dr Snip

Feb. 21, 2022

Vasectomy is a safe and permanent method of contraception, and Byron has decided to make a booking with "Dr Snip". Dr Nick Demediuk is Australia’s most experienced vasectomist and "Dr Snip" has performed more than 40,000 no …

Bonus Episode - Byron & Perri Lee's Valentines Day Distraction

Feb. 17, 2022

Go "behind the scenes" to discover how [the single] Byron and Perri Lee distracted themselves on Valentines Day. Producer "Needy Jack" lives up to his name with another extraordinary display of neediness this week. It is als…

Is It Really That Cool To Vape?

Feb. 15, 2022

Vaping [the use of E-Cigarettes] has been classified as a “safer” alternative to smoking. With its increasing popularity among adolescents and young adults, this growing problem is playing out in school yards all over Austra…

Bonus Episode - Introducing DJ Perri Lee!

Feb. 10, 2022

On our second "behind the scenes" episode, you'll get to know DJ Perri Lee up close and personal! We go in depth on her professional background and her relationship with Byron. Also on this episode, discover how our young an…

What Is Your Love Language?

Feb. 7, 2022

Relationship coach Megan Luscombe joins Byron and Perri Lee to define the five "love languages" and explore how we can use this knowledge to help us in relationships. Megan is available for client bookings worldwide. More in…

Bonus Episode - Why Byron Is Banned From Dating

Feb. 3, 2022

Our first ever "behind the scenes" episode with Byron, DJ Perri Lee and producer "Needy Jack". Byron shares every awkward detail from his first date since becoming single. Listen to discover why it will be his last for quite…

NFT Q & A with Sid Pierucci

Jan. 31, 2022

Learn the basics of NFTs with Sid Pierucci. All your questions answered! Also featuring : NRL stars Sandor Earl and Kenny Bromwich of NFT Dao project https://www.deaddiamondsociety.com/ Hosted by Byron Cooke and DJ Perri Lee…

Co-Host Reveal!

Jan. 24, 2022

In 2022, Byron will be joined by a co-host! Who is it? Listen to find out! Also in this episode - Byron's son Zephyr calls in from New Orleans to chat about whether or not his Dad should get the snip. Zephyr's Mom [Byron's e…

Co-Host Reveal!

Jan. 24, 2022

in 2022, Byron will be joined by a co-host! Who is it? Listen to found out. Also on this episode - His son Zephyr calls in from New Orleans to discuss whether or not his Dad should get the snip. Plus, Byron's ex-wife Crissy …

Ask Byron Anything

Dec. 15, 2021

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Ageism In The Workplace

Dec. 1, 2021

In recent years we have (rightfully) seen the business world respond to issues of gender, race and sexual harassment. So where is the focus on workplace discrimination based on age? Ageism is rife and deserves further attent…

Net Zero 2026 - The proposal being ignored by Govt & Big Biz

Nov. 24, 2021

For all the recent noise around "Net Zero 2050", nobody is actually talking about how it can be achieved. Ballarat based innovator Simon Hunt has drafted a practical proposal to break the paralysis in climate change action. …

Politics And Sport - Should They Mix?

Nov. 17, 2021

A no-holds barred chat with one of the most colourful characters in Australian sport : footy legend Kevin Sheedy. Admired as much for his passion and spirit as his exploits on the field, Sheedy's new book "Icons Of Sport" ce…

Melbourne - The Premier Burger City

Nov. 10, 2021

Starring Dees premiership skipper Max Gawn, local comedy legends Sooshi Mango, Australia's Number 1 competitive eater "HulkSmashFood", Burger Expert Jimmy Hurlston, Royal Stacks owner Dani Zeini and radio hosts Sarah Maree C…

Ibby Akbar Takes Over

Nov. 3, 2021

What would The Byron Cooke Show sound like if it was hosted by comedian and social media sensation Ibby Akbar? Listen to this episode to find out! See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

Click Fraud

Oct. 26, 2021

Our world these days is driven by clicks, status and popularity. But what is actually real? Joining Byron Cooke for this important conversation around "Click Fraud" : Charlie Brown, one of Australia's cutting edge commentato…

How To Set Goals And Smash Them!

Oct. 19, 2021

Isis Holt is a 5x Paralympic Medalist, World Champion and Commonwealth Games gold medalist. She is currently studying for a bachelor's degree in behavioural neuroscience [psychology] at Queensland University of Technology. A…

Hey Hey - You Snubbed Kamahl!?

Oct. 10, 2021

Kamahl is an Australian entertainment industry icon who has been in the music business for over 50 years. He has recorded over 30 albums, earned over 100 gold and platinum records, and headlined iconic live venues from The …

Back To Live - Supporting the Aussie Music Industry

Oct. 5, 2021

Tones & I joins Byron Cooke for a special episode in support of the Australian Live Music Industry. With COVID shutting down global touring for the majority of 2020/21, Australia is still suffering major disruptions due to L…

Obstruction - No Advantage For Netball

Sept. 28, 2021

Netball is the biggest team sport in Australia, played by over 1.2 million people all over the country. It’s also the number one participation sport for Australian girls. While other sports like cricket and rugby are being p…

No Jab, No Job?

Sept. 21, 2021

September 21st, 2021 will be remembered for a long time in Melbourne. For all the controversy and emotion around protests from the city's construction workers, the actual topic is a very valid one to have a discussion about.…

My Big Announcement

Sept. 14, 2021

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